Are you ready to immerse yourself in the wonderful world of clay? With infinite joy we invite you to clay modeling courses that will take you on a creative and rewarding and even a little sensory journey, why not?
Each course is a unique opportunity to explore different techniques and let your creativity run wild.

Cost: €50 including all materials and an aperitif from the bar!

8 October - Lastra technique - 10 places available
In the first meeting, we will teach you the slab technique. You will discover how to create plates, vases, decorative tiles or other wonders.

November 5th - Pizzicato technique - 10 seats available
The second course focuses on pizzicato technique. This technique will allow you to shape the clay with your fingers, creating organic shapes and three-dimensional sculptures.

November 19 - Colombino technique - 10 seats available
In the third meeting, we will explore the dove technique. This method involves creating objects using rolled up cylinders of clay. You will learn how to make vases, cups and other round objects using this versatile technique.

December 17th and January 14th - Optional Technique - 10 seats available
In the last two courses, you will have the opportunity to choose the technique you prefer or to experiment with a completely new technique.

All material will be provided: clay, tools, engobe and firing, no previous experience is necessary, so all are welcome to participate!
We have limited places, only 10 places available per date, so make sure you reserve your place in advance.

If you decide to buy and try all three techniques, the total cost will be reduced to €120 instead of €150.

For further information and reservations, contact us using the appropriate form in the Contact section.