Menu for the evening

For lunches and aperitifs we have chosen the products Planted , delicacies created with pea proteins.
In rotation you will find: "chicken" with lemon and herbs , with sesame or curry , "pulled pork" in barbeque or chimichurri sauce, " kebab " strips.
From the manufacturer Stopping instead we get mEzzarella and "cheeses" created from almonds and cashews.

During the aperitif you can enjoy our snacks :

  1. Chickpea hummus with a hint of beetroot €5.50
    Served with breadsticks or corn cakes.
  2. Baked wild potatoes with sauce €5.5
  3. Planted protein of your choice with sauce €5.5
  4. Planted Nuggets with sauce €6.5
  5. MAMMAMIA! Vegballs with basil tomatoes sauce €6.5

Non-cheese platter (upon availability) €16
Trio of non-cheeses made with cashews and almonds , accompanied by agave syrup, dried tomatoes and seasonal fruit.

Or you can compose your own tray , accompanied by corn biscuits which will be the crunchy base to create your cicchetto:

  1. Choose a Fat: Choice between the Planted products available today or the mEzzarella.
  2. Add a Vegetable: You can choose between cooked or raw vegetables based on seasonal and daily availability.
  3. Choose your sauce: You can choose between lime barbecue, vegan mayonnaise, sweet and spicy mustard, teriyaki or something new that we still have to invent!

Cost €8.50