Coffee bar menu

Our products are all vegan and we only use milk of plant origin, ask us which ones we have available today.

Biscuit €1
Muffins €3.9
Cake €3.9
Brioches €1.8
Savory pie €5.5
Soy yogurt with fruit and puffed rice €4

Coffee €1.2
American coffee €2
Coffee with ice €2
Cold blended coffee with vanilla flavor or choco cookies €2.50
Barley coffee or ginseng (non-vegan) €2
Cappuccino €2
Barley/ginseng cappuccino €3
Moroccan €2
Hot chocolate €4
    sweet puffed rice +€1
    vegetable whipped cream +€1
    mini marshmallows (non-vegan) +€1
Coconut milk and mint or choco cookies €3
Hot or cold milk with ice:
    Macchiato €2.50
    Caffècao (coffee + cocoa) €4
    Chai €4
    Pink Chai (with a touch of beetroot) 4€
    Matcha €4
    Golden Milk (turmeric based) 4€
    Pumpkin spice (pumpkin, spices and coffee) 4€
    Ginger and spices 4€
Juices €5,5
Orange juice €3.50
Hot tea and infusions €4
Fruit juices €3.50
    blueberry 4€
Drinks €4
Cold tea and infusions €4
Refreshing elixirs €3.50

For any information on the presence of substances that can cause allergies and intolerances, it is possible to consult the specific documentation that will be provided, on request, by the staff on duty.