Menu for the day


  1. Chickpea hummus with a hint of beetroot €5.5
  2. Baked wild potatoes with sauce €5.50
  3. Vegetable protein (on daily availability) €5.50
  4. Savory pie (assorted flavours) €5.5
  5. Open toast with hummus, vegetables, Taggiasca olives and walnuts €5.5
  6. Cashew and dried tomato spread €6.50
  7. MAMMAMIA! Vegetable meatballs with tomato and basil sauce €6.5
  8. Vegan toast €8
    With cashew cream and dried tomatoes, veg pulled beef, salad, tomatoes, veg mayo

    LUNCH - €10

    • Savory pie or meatballs with sauce with a side dish of your choice
    • Salad of the day
    • Vegan Caprese

    BOWL - €12

    1. Select a Base: couscous, brown or basmati rice, soy vermicelli.
    2. Choose a Protein: vegan proteins on daily availability.
    3. Add a Vegetable: cooked or raw vegetables based on seasonal and daily availability.
    4. Choose your sauce.